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History about Pers Hotel

Pers Hotell historiePers is the story of ski factory that became one of the largest and most versatile tourist businesses.

Rustberggards ski fabric was operated thru three generations. They produced cross-country skies that was popular outside Norway and decided to export them. After world war 2 this was not profitable and the family had to think of something else.

The story begins in 1949 when Per Herbrand Rustberggard decided to end and rebuild his ski fabric to start a youth hostel. Per and his wife Oline was the first in Norway to offer family rooms. Thru the 50's the tourists were storming to Gol and seeking the hostel for accommodation. The requirements for quality and comfort were increasing along with the salary. At that time Per and Oline was planing to expand to build a hotel. In 1961 there were many who was skeptical to these plans. No one could imagine it was a good business idea to building a tourists hotel in a small valley in the 60's. Thanks to good partnership and help the dream came true. In 1964 the first part of the hotel was realized and covered an area of 2.000m2 with 62 beds.

The hotel was later operated by his son Mekkel and his wife Kari. Mekkel's two brothers Torbjørn and Arve  was also involved in the hotel management until Mekkel' son Per bought the hotel in 2011. The hotel was popular known for its conferences, delicious food and first-class entertainment thru the 80's and 90's. In 1988 the Tropicana was developed into todays water park and the hotel focused on family eventes.

Pers Hotel today

Lobbyen Pers HotellPers Hotel has 172 room, single rooms, double rooms, family rooms with loft, and suites. We also have apartments in Pers Lodge. All together there is 700 beds at a good value. Pers Hotel is inspired by the norwegian nature that compliments the history of the family owned hotel. You get an unique atmosphere from the warm wooded materials mixed with the rough stones from the norwegian nature.
The hotel provides different activities such as Oline Spa and Relax lounge, Tropicana Water Park and Pers Bowling. Beer, wine and delicious cocktails are served in our two bars. You can also choose between dining in our main restaurant with a buffet or you can sit next to the fireplace in our smaller a la carte restaurant.
Pers Hotel is very suitable for both business conferences, exhibitions and we can customize your jubilees and other activities and arrangements. The hotel is located in the middle of east and west, and is a popular destinations for festivals, car events, sport events and much more.

Environmental certification


Miljøfyrtårn is a norwegian form of environmental regulation and development where Pers Hotell voluntarily  have chosen to comply the demands.

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